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Art League of Marion

The Art League of Marion was established in June 1974 as an affiliate of the YMCA.

The Art League was formed to provide exposure for local talent in all areas of arts and crafts. The founding members, in cooperation with the Virginia Division of State Parks, held the first annual Hungry Mother Arts and Crafts Festival in July 1974. This first successful festival grew in attendance from approximately 12,000 visitors in 1976 to nearly 25,000 during it’s 32nd anniversary in 2005.

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The Art League of Marion is  dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the arts including fine art, fine craft, theater, music and dance. The endorsement and encouragement of cultural activities in our schools are also important to the Art League. The Scholarship Program each year offers scholarships to deserving students who will be pursuing higher education in the arts.

How do I become
a member?

Membership is open to everyone!

If you enjoy the arts, you are qualified

to become a member.

Contact the Art League of Marion for more details.

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