$uccessful Booth ideas

There are two kinds of festival shoppers: those who come to admire — “window shoppers” — and those who come to purchase what they admire — “buyer$”! As you prepare your crafts for the new season, we encourage you to practice a new booth set-up to create the best showcase for your craft. Here are some tried-and-true methods others have used…

  1. A multidimensional approach to your display speaks to the buyer…”enter here…go here to shop…purchase here….exit here…” leaving you free to talk to your customers and assist them with getting the best purchase for their needs.
    1. Utilize the entire space within and around your booth. Don’t forget the walls and the ceiling area above head height.
      ~ Ladders, cabinets, tree limbs–all can be used to display your crafts if coordinated with your craft’s theme.
      ~ Wire, rope, oars, shutters–all can hold display items to draw the buyer’s eye up and around your booth.
    2. Use interesting display opportunities with “found objects” originally used for other purposes.
      ~ Small items such as CD cases, silver/wicker trays, pottery, crates and picture/ window frames will draw buyers close to a table display. Sold items can easily be replaced on your display surfaces.
      ~ Larger items such as luggage, old chairs or stools, and hat trees can help draw attention on your “focus” items. These items can also assist in directing traffic around your displays.
    3. Use signs to give needed information. You don’t want to lose a buyer because you were busy and couldn’t answer a question. Provide information in a clear, concise and legible way.
    4. Use hidden storage to avoid a cluttered look. Replace sold items from your hidden inventory.

We often hear someone say “Oh, where did you get that? I want one, too…” Your buyers will go out as your sales reps, drawing more business back to your booth, so make your booth really showcase your work!

  1. Select a color scheme that supports your craft. A path of color creating an inviting atmosphere should lead buyers in, and around, and out of your sales area. Avoid any monotonous scheme with your displays lined up only at the back of the booth. The colors should not only showcase your craft, but they should coordinate with your business card and any flyers that you hand out. Many customers will return year after year due to the added attention you pay to keep them informed of your business. Have internet sign-up sheets on clipboards with pens securely attached! Your attention to details enhances the professionalism of your product.
  2. Consider the environment. Delicate craft items that you don’t want touched could benefit from the use of enclosed glass cases. Lighting may be needed to enhance your display. Check with the festival’s guidelines on the use of personal generators.
    What you will do to protect your displays in the event of sudden high winds or rain? Thinking and planning for this now in the pre-season will alleviate some headaches later on!

FINALLY: Practice putting your booth up and taking it down. Try new displays; take pictures of them. Know as much as you can about your booth/sales area, the problems in setup or takedown, the personnel needed to assemble and/or to man the booth during the festival. The more you know and understand about your own area, the more time you will have later to focus on customers and sales!

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