Food Vendor Information

A limited number of food vendors are selected each year to participate. Uniqueness, variety and prices of offerings, attractiveness of concession, past experience, timely submission of materials and fees, type of power source, space requirements, and avoidance of duplication will be considered. Customer comments on our evaluation forms have shown a need for food for health conscious folks, so please consider this when planning your menu.

A 10 ft X 20 ft space is $260 for the entire 3-day weekend. An additional 10 X 10 space may be added to your 10 X 20 space for a charge of $200. There is a limited number of these available and will be provided at the discretion of the Art League of Marion. Electricity hook-ups are limited and there will be an additional $25 charge. Also Hungry Mother State Park will collect a 10% commission on gross food sales. Food vendors are responsible for collecting and paying Virginia Sales Tax.

Food vendors must set up booths Thursday morning before noon. After this time, the majority of the crafters will register and set up, which will limit vehicular access to your site. Your acceptance letter will provide your exact time based on the location and type of your booth. Food vendors are required to have their booth set up and ready each day by 10:00 A.M. and remain open until 6:00 P.M. on Friday and Saturday and 5:00 P.M. on Sunday. Electrical service is minimal, but if authorization is given to use the park’s outlets, the vendor must supply any extension cords used and make sure they are not a safety hazard. If an alternative power source is used, it must be quiet and clean. Unreasonable noise generated by food vendors will not be tolerated. Ice will be available to purchase at the information gazebo.

Applications must be received by March 1st. This must include a completed application form, fees, a picture of your booth as it will be at the festival, a complete menu of food items sold in your 10 X 20 booth and a separate menu for the 10 X 10 booth if desired, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. We reserve the right to edit your menu to avoid duplication. You will be notified of your acceptance and any menu changes by April 1st.

One parking pass for the weekend will be included as part of your fee. Additional weekend parking passes may be purchased at the Hungry Mother State Park entrance tollbooth. Once vendors are unloaded ALL VEHICLES other than those directly related to food preparation, must be moved to the designated parking area.

Call (276) 200-4095 and leave your name, number, and question.
Or e-mail

Download printable Food Vendor Information Form here:
HMF Food Vendor Information

Download printable Food Vendor Application here:
HMF Food Vendor Application

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