Best in Show

HungryMotherFestival2016-82Every year, the Art League of Marion chooses one exhibitor at Hungry Mother Festival to receive the award of Best in Show. The Best in Show recipient of the 43rd Annual Hungry Mother Festival (July 2016) is Jim, Eric, and Cindy Rice from Boone, NC!

Jim, Cindy, and Eric Rice create handcrafted .925 sterling and .999 fine silver and gemstone jewelry that can be seen on their official website Turtle Old Man Sterling and Fine Silver Jewelry.  Jim’s jewelry is hand-wrapped and even includes lapidary work on the gemstones, cutting and polishing them as well as making the mountings.

Congratulations to Jim, Cindy, and Eric Rice on winning Best in Show!

Photographs of Turtle Old Man work can be viewed below (click to enlarge):

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