Best in Show

Every year, the Art League of Marion chooses one exhibitor at Hungry Mother Festival to receive the award of Best in Show. The Best in Show recipient of the 45th Annual Hungry Mother Festival (July 2018) is Gloria C. Howard from Lynchburg, Virginia!

Gloria C. Howard’s motivation and love of pottery originally came from Native American pottery that she collected through her husband’s mission trips to different reservations. He would return with a pot, and she would hold it in her hands and have a burning desire to learn how to make it herself. After experiencing this a number of times she finally gave in to this desire and found her first pottery class. She was hooked. The clay held for her something that was soul satisfying, like she had finally found what she had been searching for.

Howard studied locally before going on to study at Penland Craft School in North Carolina, with Jon Ellenbogen and Becky Plummer, and most recently at La Merridianna in Tuscany, Italy. She has been influenced by many famous potters, including Cynthia Bringle and Tom Coleman, and she is always open to new inspiration that can be transferred to clay. Raku and Horse Hair firing are currently a real passion for her. She also loves to make beautiful pieces for serving with–not necessarily whole sets of dishes, but special pieces to offset sets you already use.

Congratulations to Gloria on winning Best in Show!

Photographs of Gloria C. Howard’s work can be viewed below (click to enlarge):

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